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Photo shoot in T – 90 days!

7 Nov

What you talkin’ bout Willis? You’ve got to be kidding me?! But mark her words, I’m going to be willing to put myself in a photo, in a swim suit, in February. Yes, this February of the year 2012. My thoughts again drift to more wise words from Arnold Jackson…What she smokin? “She” is the head honcho, the big kahuna, and she says I can do it. With all the success and reveals and transformations that she has done for others, who am I to question it?

Well, I’m that girl, the one who can pass for fit if you don’t look too hard. I’m athletic and I wear a size 4. I’m not a crazy anorexic who just thinks I am fat, I have the rolls to prove it, but not for much longer… well, that’s what she said! Now I just have to convince myself this is possible and get to work!

Ready set? clap! clap! You bet!